Improving Elections With Vote-For-2

Proposal 1:

Every voter shall be permitted to select up to two candidates or two tickets per field of candidates, in primary and general elections, for President, Congress, and Governor.

Proposal 2 :

Primary elections for Congress and Governor shall list on one unified ballot all qualifying independent and partisan candidates for one office, and the general election ballot will include for each office only the three candidates or tickets that received the most votes in the primary, and one write-in line.

Proposal 1 would be good even without proposal 2. Three-way races would develop naturally, with the danger of vote-splitting minimized.

Adoption of proposal 2 would not be so good without proposal 1. But as an initiative by petition, it could inspire the state government to approve Vote-for-2 in at least the general election, to guard against vote-splitting.

Letting people vote for two, the one simplest change we could make, would do worlds of good.

The two-party system would become a more-than-two-party system, all on its own.
No more lesser of two evils. 
No more “don’t throw your vote away.”
No more spoilers.
No more top two, who only need to destroy the other one to win. 
More positivity.
More voter participation.
More candidates. 
More expensive for the powers-that-be to control them all.
More accuracy.
More democracy.


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