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Newest posts first.

Grading Method – Assign grades of A, B, and F, in a superior combination of Favorite, Approval Voting, and Ranking.

The Default Is The Worst – Arguing against the terribleness of vote-for-1 elections.

A practical final to make IRV results more reliable.

Posts from 2020 and 2019, most recent first.

The first five links are about ranking methods, mostly about my practical Condorcet method. Ranked choice has a lot of momentum, so if it’s going to happen, let it be an evaluation method that works right.

One Weird Trick to improve IRV.

Basic summary of proposed Condorcet method.

Condorcet Is A Better Ranked Choice

Charts For Evaluating The Election, And Sample Elections With Condorcet vs IRV

Practical Condorcet Ranked Choice Method, Full Proposal

One-Ballot Rating System, based on STAR Voting

Variations Of Approval And Head-To-Head, expanding on Nebraska’s nonpartisan concept

Head-To-Head Matches Make A Better Instant Runoff, without ranked voting

2019 Posts

Brief Summary 2022 Tax Plan

Proposed Statutes For Improving Elections, vote-for-2, blanket primary, very simple changes that would do a world of good

2022 Tax Proposal, long version, with discussion

A Better Voting System, blanket primary, vote-for-2

The Beginning


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