Brief Summary of Practical Condorcet Election

Rank only the candidates that you would want to win.

1. Check for a first-choice majority winner, and for a Condorcet winner. (Winning head-to-head against all opponents wins the election.)

2. Use a tally of first-choice votes to eliminate up to half the field, but keep a minimum of five candidates, and a maximum of eight.

3. Compare the remaining candidates two at a time, in head-to-head matches.
A candidate scores a match win by having a higher rank on more ballots than an opponent.
The candidate with the most match wins (preferred over the most candidates) is the election winner.

4. Tiebreakers eliminate one candidate, but if one does not, then use the next:

  • Candidates tied for most wins will be compared head-to-head with one another, and any having fewer wins against the others will be eliminated.
  • Instant runoff of tied candidates, the one ranked highest on the fewest ballots is eliminated.
  • First-choice votes only.

Link to full procedure:


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